Taipei-Based Rules Creative Turns the Fitting Room into a Treadmill

By Kiran Aditham 

Fashion and fitness collide in a sense in a new campaign from Taipei-based agency Rules Creative for local clothing brand Earl Jean.

Rather than focus on the knitted denim jeans themselves, though, Rules Creative has some fun with the brand and some unsuspecting customers who just want to try its clothes on. As mentioned above, the agency transformed a fitting room floor at an Earl Jean store into a treadmill, testing shoppers’ balance while essentially forcing them to engage in some physical activity in the process.


Their surprised reactions are captured in the video above, which has garnered nearly a million views on the Earl Jean Taiwan fan page and its official YouTube channel.

So, why would Rules Creative subject random people to this mini-workout?

The purpose of the stunt is not only to address the fact that jeans aren’t seen as proper sportswear, but also to show that Earl Jean denim carries many of the same features such as traditional workout/sports gear such as moisture-wicking, flexibility, and breathability.

As the campaign slogan tells us, “It’s the jeans that people could wear for sports” — and the agency tells us that sales are up 30 percent, so someone is listening.