Taco Bell Celebrates the ‘Great Indoors’

By Bob Marshall 

DraftFCB Orange County’s advertising for Taco Bell is truly vexing. On one hand, you have a generally low-comedy premise like some guy partying hard to Chiddy Bang’s “The Good Life” or, in this case, The Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi poking fun at the typical office cubicle prisoner trapped inside on warm summer days.

Say what you will about the spots’ set-ups, but the payoff really gets the fast food chain”s deals across. A few weeks ago, it was 12 tacos for $10. This time around, it’s a Crunch Wrap Supreme priced at 99 cents for one week only. Who do these ads attract? Well, someone like me, who I suppose would be designated a “passive eater” at Taco Bell. I don’t eat there and generally don’t think about the place, but when deals like this happen, I want to revisit my high-school diet habits and return to the Bell. Say what you will about the creative, but the bargains come through, and really perk the interest of someone who doesn’t normally consider Taco Bell a nourishment option.


If this is deal number one of T-Bell’s “Spend Less Summer,” expect this campaign to move some cheap tacos.