Taco 12 Pack Brings the Party

By Bob Marshall 

Forget the ad for a second. $10 for 12 tacos? That’s a deal…a really good deal. That can feed three totally stoned college kids watching every Lord of the Rings extended edition film back to back. That is for those kids driving mom’s minivan to the Taco Bell drive-thru after a night hotboxing the thing with their buddies while blasting Chiddy Bang’s “The Good Life” with her windows rolled all the way down. That is for some wasted guy on the floor asking over and over again why Taco Bell doesn’t deliver before calling his buddy and offering him 50 bucks to get him the “Taco 12 Pack” and drive to his house with it.

Taco Bell knows that, during the commercial breaks on Adult Swim, they just have to emphasize the quantity of their deals next to a low price. Do the items of food outnumber the dollar amount? Good, it’s an ad then. The rest, well, is up to DraftFCB Orange County, and that means that wherever this guys takes his Taco 12 Pack, the party gets started. What else do you need to know? Credits after the jump.


Advertising Agency: Draftfcb Orange County
Executive Creative Director: Teddy Brown
Art Director: Patrick Moore
Copywriter: Nick Micale
Senior Producer: Jim Phox
Account Management: Sue Redington
Director: Mark Pellington of Crossroads Films, Los Angeles
Cinematographer: Thomas Krueger
Editor: Jim Staskauskas of Optimus Editorial, Santa Monica
Music: “The Good Life” by Chiddy Bang