T3 Loses Marriott to Continuity

By Matt Van Hoven 

The Marriott account has been with T3 in Austin for the last five years; but we’ve confirmed today that the client is headed to Continuity, a shop started by ex-T3 VP John McGarry Jr.. We contacted T3 this morning for comment, and below is their response.

“Yes, T3 will be transitioning off its five-year Marriott relationship ending in December. Marriott has chosen to consolidate its interactive business with Continuity due to the current state of the economy and budget restraints. We’ve had a very successful five years with Marriott and have won numerous awards including the hospitality industry’s marketing benchmark &#151 Adrian Awards. T3’s experiential site www.plugintomarriott dot com earned Platinum &#151 the highest industry honor.

As to your question regarding new business wins, you recently reported our ConocoPhillips, Robbins Brothers, Taco Bell and Intel wins. In addition, we are continuing to grow our current client business and given our strong hotel category experience, we will soon be exploring related prospects.

As a side note, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new T3 Web site – www.t-3.com. The new site represents T3’s mantra moving forward: ‘Intrigue, Inform, Inspire’.”


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