T3 Gets Official on Marriott

By Matt Van Hoven 

We received an unsolicited e-mail from T3 today, concerning what’s going on in the wake of the Marriott loss. Here’s what you need to know.

“During the past year, we effectively scaled the business and ramped
up teams to meet increasing client needs. In our business, people
and their ideas are our commodity. And when we are faced like many
agencies with a client loss due to the economic downturn (note
Suzanne Vranica’s Wall Street Journal article “Ad Firms, Already
Lean, Are Cutting Their Payrolls”), we unfortunately have to reduce
staff. As reported last week, T3 is ending its five-year
relationship with Marriott. The reductions today come as a result and are across the enterprise affecting all three of our offices.


Our Human Resources team is working with all employees who have lost their jobs, and will make every effort to help counsel them in
finding new employment.”

This is, according to an agency representative, the only layoff associated with the lost business. However, “It affected the entire company and all three offices.”

We can philosophize about whether praying will do anything, but clearly something needs to be done. Who’s going to do it? Why isn’t there any clear rhetoric from the agency world about what we need to do to salvage the people who make advertising possible?

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