Sylvester Stallone Backs Mayweather for Tecate

By Patrick Coffee 

John Rambo did indeed state his belief that Mayweather will win Saturday’s fight in a campaign for the event’s sponsor Tecate earlier this month.

But we’re more interested in work by Mexican/Argentinian agency Nómades and production company Central Films, which debuted a couple of months ago in Mexico but just started running in the US to promote this weekend’s event.

The premise of the campaign is that Stallone can show the men in question how to be more masculine. Not obvious at all!

Oh ha. We got it. The second ad is a bit less explicit:


The third entry is amusing primarily because we didn’t realize that “videoclub” was still a thing:

What, no Expendables 3 plug?!

Finally, some dude wore a pair of fuzzy white earmuffs:

So Stallone is your guide to all things masculine, and he supports Mayweather…who could make up to $180 million on the fight and also has a habit of beating up the women in his life.

Today we also learned that Survivor wrote “Eye of the Tiger” specifically for Stallone because he couldn’t secure the rights to “Another One Bites the Dust” — which would have been an awkward choice in the first place.

We will continue to ignore his advice.

Client: Cervecería Cuahtémoc Moctezuma
Product: Tecate
Titles: Video Club, Elevator, Shower, Snow
Agency: Nómades
Creative Director: Pablo Batlle
Art Director: Mauricio Ponce
Head of Production: Monica del Moral
Agency Producer: Monica del Moral
Production Company: Central Films/Central Films North
Director: Rodrigo Garcia Saiz
DP: Ramsey Nickell
2nd DP: Beto Casillas
Producer (CF Mex): Gerardo Gutierrez
Producer (CF USA): John Barreiro
Executive Producer (CF Mex): Mauricio Francini
Executive Producer (CF USA): John Barreiro
Editorial: Central Films
Editor: Jorge Hernandez
Post Production: Central Films
Colorist: Derek Hansen, MPC
Post Producer: Leonel Perez
Music Company: Prado Sur Audio
Music Producer: Rodrigo Barbera
Composer: Rodrigo Barbera
Audio Post: Bravo Audio
Mixer: Bernardo Bravo
Audio Post Producer: Bernardo Bravo