Super Bowl Ads To Women: Nothing To See Here

By Kaitlin Madden 

It probably comes as no surprise that as a lady, I enjoy the Super Bowl primarily for the commercials and queso dip. Plenty of studies in recent years have shown that, though lots of women enjoy football, most chicks watch the game for the ads. They’re entertaining and they make us giggle.

But, at least for me, that’s pretty much where it stops. Has a Super Bowl ad ever prompted me to buy a case of Bud Lite or fire up an E-trade account? Nope. The Super Bowl is a He-Man, beer-drinking, beef-eating, fart fest and the commercials prove it. It’s understandable, I just don’t see how it’s profitable.


And as the sole female voice of AgencySpy, I’d like to point out that women account for 85% of consumer spending, and are more than twice as likely as guys to watch the Super Bowl primarily for the commercials. So where are all the Revlon ads?

In a time when advertisers should be preeeetty concerned with their ROIs, it seems strange that they’d alienate almost half their viewing audience by gearing ads towards every guy’s inner frat boy. Ad agencies aren’t stupid. They know who responds to what, and I’m not the first person to raise this argument. Which is why I have to call this one as I see it. The Super Bowl is the proverbial Big-Dick contest of the advertising industry. Winner gets bragging rights in the locker room for the rest of the year-no girls allowed.

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