Super Bowl Ads To Women: “Nothing To See Here,” Study Says

By Kaitlin Madden 

Hoffman-York, my new favorite Chicago ad-agency, released a study today called “PURSEuation,” which pretty much says that Super Bowl advertisers speak straight to The Penis.

The report finds that “the commercials were not particularly influential to women,” “the overall theme could have been ‘take back your manhood,'”and that the Super Bowl commercials were “rather disappointing [considering] that more than likely 40 million women were watching, and so many of the spots failed to impress them.”


The study also quoted the 2010 Hanon McKendry poll that found women to be 2.5 times more likely to watch the Super Bowl for the advertisements than their male counterparts.

Tom Jordan, a man who is in touch with his Feminine Side, (and also the Chief Creative Director at Hoffman York), said “This is by far one of the best opportunities for advertisers to place their products squarely in the circle of conversation and consideration with the people who influence purchases-women. Yet, the Super Bowl has become the premier event that places enormous pressure on every advertiser to have ‘bragging rights’ and ‘talk value’ about their brand, whether it sells the product or not.”

I think what Tom is trying to say here, is that the Super Bowl is a Big Swinging Dick Contest. And to Tom, I must say: I think you’re on to something.

Via PRWeb

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