Subway Is To Crispin Porter’s Domino’s, What 50 Cent Is To Kayne West

By SuperSpy 

You guys know about this whole stupid Domino’s versus Subway thing right? Here’s the brief: Crispin Porter has decided to declare war on sandwich maker Subway. The agency is making the claim that after a “taste test” consumers prefer Domino’s new sub line to Subway’s by a margin of two to one. AS one reader pointed out, of course they do. Domino’s is so not healthy. It is chocked full of yummy additives and what not.

While I appreciate CP+B’s basic understanding of advertising, they are so confrontational all the time. Like, all the time. The PC stuff. The Burger King stuff. They are the pugilistic agency. They turn all their clients into swinging dicks. Check the video above to see what I mean.


So, here’s a question… why is Domino’s after Subway? Look, if I’m concerned about eating well on the go, I’m not going to Domino’s to get my sandwich. No matter what. The ability for the pizza maker to steal customers from Subway is pretty small. What the campaign will do is generate interest in their sandwiches from people who aren’t so extreme about eating healthy fast food. Think: Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Burger King’s fans. People who want food fast without care for calories.

You know what this is like – this like when two rappers make up beef to move albums. Remember that whole 50Cent versus Kayne West marketing tool? It’s kind of like that. Two brands, slugging it out to push product to bored consumers. In the end, everyone wins.

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