Subs So Fast You’ll Freak

By Matt Van Hoven 

What may be one of the best taglines known to humankind (“Subs so fast you’ll freak) is nowhere to be found in a spot for Jimmy John’s, a sandwich place that literally makes them freakishly fast. Never heard of ’em? You need to leave New York more. The company was born in Illinois and grew out from the middle.

Jimmy John’s is one of those success stories &#151 a small franchise company that sprang up when Reagan was still cool (and not in the Jack Donaghy way) and grew to fame for making stellar subs for people who were sick of Subway.


The brand is quirky, to put it lightly, and known for its never-ending onslaught of maybe-pot-dealing-sammy-creators and, as mentioned, freakishly fast prep times. Anyway, here’s a piece from the Ad Store, here in New York.

These days, JJ‘s is less cult and more mainstream, not unlike Pot Belly’s (also Illinois born). The eats are still tasty and somewhat reasonably priced. We recommend getting one on a Saturday after a night of heavy lifting.

Note: Maybe they got rid of the old tagline for “America’s favorite sandwich delivery guys” &#151 which is too bad because seeing them make one of these sandwiches in like, 7 seconds or whatever is an experience for the store.

Via Adland

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