Stussy, Arnold Amsterdam Say Yes to Weed-Infused Food

By Jordan Teicher 

Nancy Reagan should look the other way. For Stussy’s aptly titled “Baked” campaign, Arnold Amsterdam is rolling out a series of foodie videos that mix fine-dining with street-legal drug ingredients like marijuana and salvia. Chef Misha Sukya–full of the requisite tattoos that make me think he didn’t have to audition too hard to get the role of a weed chef–takes the viewer through the cooking process as he whips up a creative menu including baked veal in a Salvia Divinorum Crut with Magic Truffles and Marijuana. If that’s not primed for your palette, there’s always the Morning Glory Ravioli with Coquilles, Damiana & Marijuana.

In the videos, don’t forget to check out the t-shirts on Chef Misha. You can find Stussy Amsterdam clothing and a BAKED cookbook on the FreshCotton website, if interested. “Just Say No” doesn’t apply if it tastes good. Sorry, Nancy.


Credits and a making-of clip with chef Misha after the jump.


Executive Creative Director: Paul Stechschulte

Creative Director: Colin Lamberton

Creatives: Rickard Engstrom, Joris Kang’eri

Producer: Neil Henry

Strategy Director: Didi Sutisna

Account Director: Amy Manganiello

Project Manager: Emma Phillips

Typography: Corbin Poticha

Digital Execution Cartelle Amsterdam: Johnny Slack, Stevijn Van Olst, Emma Pisani

Music Tracks/Composition/Mixes: Full Crate


Production: Darlings Amsterdam

Film Director: Doug Hancock

Director Of Photography: Tobias Pekelharing

Director And Photographer Making Of/Trailer: Paul D. Scott

Still Photographer: Kristoffer Rozental

Retouching: Loupe Amsterdam

Production Manager: Paul Roest

Gaffer: Paul Wilens

Sound: Gideon Bijlsma

Camera Assistant/Data: Floris Van Der Lee

Art Director: Norbert Van Leyen

Audio Post Wave Amsterdam: Alex Nicholls – Lee


Post Production: Darlings Amsterdam

Colour Correction: Robert Thomas

Vfx: Robert Okker

Editor: Doug Hancock

Editor Making Of: Ivan Waters


Special thanks to:

Location: Hotel De Goudfazant Amsterdam

Catering: Today’s Amsterdam