Stun Creative Turns James Lipton Into a Human Cannonball for Bravo

By Erik Oster 

James Lipton

Stun Creative put together the 5th annual “Summer by Bravo” multi-platform promotional campaign for that network. The campaign, which imagines the Bravo universe as a circus complete with 35 Bravolebrities and James Lipton as a human cannonball, debuted last night with its first, 60-second spot, with five additional spots planned to roll out over the course of the summer.

Fans can check out the first spot at Bravo’s website, where they will be forced to sit through an ad while waiting to watch another ad. The promo spot is pretty much what you’d expect from the “Summer by Bravo” series, with the network’s trademark campiness in full force. Still, it’s hard to imagine even the most diehard Bravo fan going to the site to seek out the promo, when they could just, you know, watch it during commercial breaks on Bravo.


The spot was auto-play, so you’ll have to click through to watch it.

“The Summer by Bravo campaign is a unique and playful way to get our viewers excited about our content-packed summer of 130 new original hours,” said Amy Troiano, senior vice president, creative and brand strategy, Bravo Media. Now here are some credits and behind-the-scenes footage.


Executive Producer: Mark Feldstein
Executive Producer: Brad Roth
VP of Production: Jared Christensen
Senior Vice President, Creative and Brand Strategy: Amy Troiano, BRAVO
Creative Director: Leeanne Irvin, BRAVO
Creative Director: Quest Marks, BRAVO
Producer: Elizabeth Massip, BRAVO
Sound: Daniel Bosworth, BRAVO