Study Shows Readers Recall Tablet Ads at Same Rate as Print

By Erik Oster 

IPad1stGenA new study from GfK MRI Starch Advertising Research “found that ads in tablet versions of magazines have the same average level of reader recall as print magazine ads,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

The research firm studied reader recall of 28,624 magazine ads in 805 tablet magazine issues using an online survey, comparing the results to print recall data. Their survey asked respondents if they recalled reading certain ads and if they interacted with ads containing interactive features. Stick with us after the jump for the results.

GfK found that the “average level of reader recall for both print and digital ads last year was 52%,” with the most effective ads for both digital and print recalled at over 80%. For both formats, ads in the household products category had the highest average reader recall scores. They also found that “Among respondents who recalled at least one tablet magazine ad, 62% said interactive features for that magazine helped them learn more about the products or services being advertised.” There was at least one category where print recall eclipsed that of tablets, with vegetable juice ads averaging 66% recall in print, compared with 61% in tablet ads.