StrawberryFrog to Advertise European Waxing Before 50 Shades of Grey

By Patrick Coffee 


If you are one of the millions salivating over every mention of the Valentine’s Day sure-to-be-blockbuster 50 Shades of Grey, there’s a good chance you’ll also witness the work of StrawberryFrog.

Today the agency’s client European Wax Center announced that it will be running “a multi-million dollar integrated advertising campaign” to coincide with the release of the erotic epic on February 14th.


And before you ask: it’s eyebrow waxing.

The campaign will include print, social, digital, outdoor and cinema elements, meaning the video ad will pop up when viewers buy tickets to 50 Shades on Fandango and air before the movie itself. There’s lots of targeting involved: the promos will “build up to a crescendo during the 2015 Oscars” and appear in pubs like Glamour as the release date approaches. The client will even live-tweet Oscar night.

The work itself remains under wraps, but agency founder/CCO Scott Goodson describes the campaign’s central ad in detail, writing:

“A girl with the most beautiful eyebrows struts down the street and as she walks, a red carpet unfurls beneath her feet. The dynamic use of slow-motion footage combined with master camerawork, creates a striking and visually appealing spot that clearly reinforces the campaign’s core message: red carpet worthy brows for every woman, every day.”

When reached for comment, Goodson added:

“With this campaign, we are taking the European Wax Center brand to another level and challenging our consumers to embrace gorgeous red carpet brows all year round.”

Indrani, the Director of our commercial that will headline 50 Shades of Grey in cinema, has also directed videos for Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey. She is one of these Directors who is on everyone’s wish list.”

Here’s the latest trailer starring actor Jamie Dornan’s presumably well-waxed eyebrows: