StrawberryFrog Plots ‘Cultural Revolution’

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s a bit of catnip for our regulars: we recently posted on StrawberryFrog’s plans to advertise European (eyebrow) waxing in a campaign tied very, very tightly to the blockbuster softcore film 50 Shades of Grey.

Here’s the ad viewers saw over the long weekend:


Yesterday, however, ‘frog MD Chris Perkins told MediaPost that the agency’s new direction isn’t just about promoting nice eyebrows via pop culture touchstones…it’s about fomenting a “cultural revolution.”

SF is “rebooting” itself. The problem, as Perkins explains it, is that most agencies “see what works from the past and then they just continue it.”

“You develop the creative brief, work against it for six months, and doing round after round of work. At StrawberryFrog we have a better way to do it, a new way of looking at it.”

What is this new way?

“We look in society, into insights that strike a nerve, that are highly relevant, that are passions…Then we connect these powerful forces to the brand benefit, purpose, and value set — and BANG.”

Perkins elaborates, telling MediaPost that the agency’s responsibilities moving forward are more about turning “big cultural movement ideas into sustainable activation” that drive sales…while winning as many industry awards as possible.

In an effort to more effectively sell itself, StrawberryFrog will soon launch a new website; Perkins has more in the MediaPost story, but here’s one topic on which he will almost certainly agree with our readers:

“Right now, Pharma ads are so awful. And they really don’t need to be.”

New, revolutionary work to come.