Stop the Choddy, Save Advertising…Or Something

By Kiran Aditham 

Apparently, there’s a pox afoot in the ad industry that’s killing creativity and it’s called a “choddy.” What is that? Well, according to a new pseudo-initiative called “Stop The Choddy,” it’s “those formulaic commercials where celebrities and civilians stand in front of a bland background and advocate issues from starving children to chicken sandwiches.”

Everyone’s afflicted according to this new effort from copywriters all the way up to ECDs and the “Stop the Choddy” site has even gone to the effort of capturing real examples of what they dub “the mullet of advertising” at work. The STC site pinpoints the eight criteria of a choddy (waist-up framing, unified narrative, repetition, etc.), offers you a chance to confess your choddy sin, report a choddy and even take a pledge to never concoct one of these things again. If creatives and the like follow through is another story, but at least this provides an amusing distraction from the work day.


(h/t Shayla)