Stoli, Rokkan Round Up Artists with ORGNL.TV

By Bob Marshall 

User-generated content can be a fickle mistress. Brands love it, as it tends to make them think, “You mean influential Internet users will create FREE CONTENT for me to use at my discretion? Because they love my brand? Gosh golly, let’s do a YouTube thing!”

On the flipside, UGC can be a pain in the ass for an agency to figure out, as your campaign must be incredibly creative to actually inspire such time-consuming action on the part of the consumer. (Or feature a barrier to entry so low and a prize so outstanding that people would be foolish not to act. This is how the lottery positions itself.) With ORGNL.TV, New York digital agency Rokkan and Stoli have chosen to use a cavalcade of up-and-coming artists including electronic artist RJD2, singer Nina Sky, fashion designer Nary Manivong, and street artists Jeremyville and Charlie Becker to get consumers to contribute to their video channel.


These hand-picked artists will then vote on user-submitted videos to determine the best undiscovered young talent in art, music and fashion. Above, we go inside the studio with RJD2, who most of you are probably know best as that guy behind “A Beautiful Mine,” the theme song to Mad Men. If you would like RJD2 criticizing your work and are over the age of 21, submit your video at ORGNL.TV here.