#StealBanksyNY Co-Conspirator Returns Yet Again, This Time with ReTweet.ly

By Erik Oster 

Damjan Pita, the guy responsible for the Hashtag Generator and collaborator on the #StealBanksyNY project, has returned, along with cohorts Leif Abraham and Andronicus Riyono, with a new project called ReTweet.ly.

ReTweet.ly is based on a pretty simple idea; in its creators’ words: “We all want to promote our projects, our latest blog post or just ourselves on social media. ReTweet.ly helps people to help each other to achieve that, by simply retweeting each other’s tweets.” In other words, it’s a retweet exchange program. The more you retweet others, the more likely it is that your tweet will get retweeted. You can decide for yourself which tweets you do and don’t want to retweet and you’re not mandated to follow those you retweet. The big benefit, according to Pita, is “people that retweet you on retweet.ly are most likely people outside of your own follower base and with that brand new exposure you would not get otherwise.” So if you’re feeling like you’re in a bit of a Twitter rut, you may want to give ReTweet.ly a try.


So how does it work? Just go to the ReTweet.ly site, sign in with Twitter, choose a tweet that you would like retweeted and a category that you tweet about the most. Then choose a tweet you like, and get retweeted in exchange. Suggested tweets will pop up with the options “Retweet” or “Not this one.” You can retweet as many of these as you’d like, the idea being that the more you retweet, the more likely you are to be retweeted.

ReTweet.ly is one in a series of projects from Do Something Good, which its creators are referring to as an “incubation collective.” Give it a go, and tell us what you think about the service in the comments section.