Staffing Changes and Clean Coffee Cups at MRY

By Patrick Coffee 

Today we learned that Publicis’ MRY has parted ways with a small number of staffers in its New York office.

These changes, which affected less than 10 percent of total staff and primarily applied to program directors, were part of what an agency spokesperson calls a “planned reorganization” of internal teams at MRY.

Sources claim that the moves stem from changes in unnamed accounts and their respective revenue streams, and they accompanied a series of office-wide hiring/raise freezes applied on a conditional basis. MRY has no comment on specifics.

That said, the agency is currently looking to fill multiple positions at its New York office, so we should hear news on that front soon.

One person who was definitely not affected by these changes: agency barista Nicholas Ruiz. Despite earlier warnings that his position might be one of many disrupted by the pending drone revolution, this video from earlier in the week makes clear that the agency world will not be completely automated anytime soon.