SS+K, Tommy John Take on Underwear Double Standard

By Erik Oster 

SS+K is behind a new campaign for “high-end” boxer brief company Tommy John (which has been called “weird” more than once by those who made us aware of it) that, as mentioned, takes on a double standard in underwear.

The 53-second spot opens with a beautiful model slowly undressing, a sure way to get men’s attention. Eventually she reveals a stained, raggedy pair of underwear. “If I can’t get away with this underwear, why do men think they can get away with theirs?” she asks, attacking the double standard that women have to wear sexy lingerie at all times while men can get away with undergarments that have been through the wash 2,000 times and are falling apart. The message is reinforced by the tagline “Don’t like what you see? Women have felt that way for years.”


Of course, the truly feminist message would be to suggest that women should feel free to wear whatever is comfortable. But SS+K is selling underwear here — high quality men’s underwear — so instead they put pressure on dudes to step up their game and expend the same effort (and spend the same amount of money on) selecting their undies as ladies do. It’s a smart way to get the fellas to reconsider their “underwear is just underwear” attitude and perhaps shill out the extra money for Tommy John so their ladies will be impressed. Unfortunately, this campaign also includes a website inviting guys to Instagram their old, ratty undies. And that’s just gross. Credits after the jump.


Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Hershfield
Art Director: Kat Lam
Copy Writer: Armando Flores and Richard Tseng


Director of Production and Innovation: John Swartz

Producer: Jennifer Glendining

Integrated Producer: Craig Von Wiederhold


Production Company: Fathom

Director: Bill Stepanowski

Director of Photography: Ethan Palmer

Executive Producer: Nolan Rosemond


Editorial: Final Cut

Editor: Michael Wadsworth

Producer: Mackenzie Alexander

Color: Michael Howell


Record/ Mix: Significant Other

Graphics: SS+K


Music: Freshmade Music

Composer: Jerome Rossen