SS+K Dreams of Midnight for Smile Train

By Erik Oster 

SS+K launched a holiday spot for Smile Train enititled “Dreaming of Midnight.”

“Dreaming of Midnight” tells the story of a Mexican New Year’s celebration through the perspective of a young girl with an unrepaired cleft palate named Camilla. A narrator tells the story with a rhyming scheme reminiscent of a storybook, as the interactive experience prompts viewers to donate by clicking on glimmering objects, giving them the opportunity to help change Camilla’s story.. As the story unfolds, tugging at the heartstrings, the suggested donations increase in size. The ad continues the “Power of a Smile” campaign SS+K launched for Smile Train back in April, and continues the approach of focusing on a single child’s story to allow the viewer to empathize with their plight.


“‘Dreaming of Midnight’ has a charming, storybook perspective of the world of a child looking forward to a special party and feeling wistful and hopeful about the new year,” said Bobby Hershfield, partner and chief creative officer at SS+K.  “Instead of directly asking for a donation, Smile Train pulls in the viewer and makes them feel like a part of the story.”

You can check out a triler for “Dreaming of Midnight” above, or head here for the full interactive experience.


CCO – Bobby Hershfield
Copywriter – Armando Flores
Art Director – Kat Lam
Jr. Copywriter – Gabe Whaley
Executive Producer – Craig Von Wiederhold
Sr. Producer – Pamela Shulman
Account Director – Makena Cahill
Director – Lena Beug
Production Company – Moxie Pictures
Production Company (Mexico) – Spectrum Films
Editing – Lost Planet
Digital Production – Media Monks
Lead Clients:
Susannah Schaefer, CEO Smile Train
Shari Mason, Senior Director of Integrated Marketing