Sprint Network Wants to Rename a Band

By Bob Marshall 

Meet Yerkish, a band with a name that “sounds like a Turkish yam.” No, you don’t need a “good” band name to make it big (see Green Day or Blink 182 for reference), but having a musical identity that rolls off the tongue goes a long way in marketing yourself. You also have to make good music, but that’s another story.

So, Sprint decided to help out our poor Denver-based foursome with a YouTube homepage takeover today courtesy of Goodby. Bringing to life Sprint’s “All.Together.Now” network idea (which gave us seizures in the past), the world now has an opportunity to rename Yerkish via crowdsourcing and hopefully send them on a trajectory toward fame and fortune. Hey, you’ve probably given up on touring the country in your sweet hair metal band by now. Might as well use that awesome band name you were saving for a rainy day and give it to a good cause. Credits (with a whole lotta creative directin’) after the jump.


“Rename this Band” YouTube Homepage Takeover
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