Sprint Promises to Get ‘Aggressive’ with New Agency

By Patrick Coffee 

sprint logo

So Sprint had a rough quarter — it lost half a million customers over the past three months. Now the company wants investors to know that the message coming from whichever agency wins its endless creative review will be more “aggressive.”

First, all tips that we’ve received about Deutsch officially winning the account are false as of this very moment — though we do hear that the final pitch occurred on Tuesday, that Deutsch and Arnold are the last two agencies standing, and that certain readers are pulling very hard for the former.


Way back in September, the company’s new President/CEO Maurcelo Claure said that the “Framily” was dead and that the strategy moving forward was a full reset with pivot: “…it’s always going to be simple” because “you are going to buy a phone…because of pricing.”

Now it seems he’s changed his tone slightly.

From today’s AdAge post on a meeting with Sprint investors:

“…we’re going to offer consumers three things: value, clarity and simplicity.”

This means more discounts and more focus on “LTE network expansion.” Claure is frustrated that a bigger ad spend by rivals has left many consumers unaware of just how cheap Sprint really is:

“…consumers don’t know what a great value is, so you’re going to see us be very aggressive in terms of advertising.”

If that’s the message, then it doesn’t sound too different than those promoted by Sprint’s rivals. We’d love to tell you which agency has been tasked with rebranding the company, but from the tips we’ve received we believe that the review is essentially over…and that the official rollout will be even slower than it was for Infiniti and CP+B.

Let’s hope not in the interest of our tipsters’ sanity.