Sprint Kisses Its ‘Framily’ Goodbye

By Patrick Coffee 

Sprint announced this week that it would perform a two-step of sorts on pricing by abandoning the “framily” plan that has defined its offering for the past few months. In short, the company no longer has any “friends”, just relatives that it wants to call for rates cheaper than those offered by T-Mobile.

From the company’s statement to tech blog Re\code on Monday:

“…it is a ‘new day’ for Sprint with new rates, a new CEO and an improved network.”


So does that also mean a fresh new ad campaign? All signs point to maybe.

From Sprint CMO Jeff Hallock’s comments to Adweek this afternoon:

“That decision is still to be determined…given that we’re taking such a sharp turn, we’re evaluating what to do.”

Figliulo & Partners’ most significant creation since winning part of the Team Sprint account back in November has been the Frobinson family, which recently appeared in the Samsung spot atop this post.

Hallock goes on to say that viewers like the spots even if AgencySpy readers do not, but that for now it’s really all about creating data plans that will allow the company to stay competitive.

We get it. Who wants to be “surpassed” by this guy?