Spotify’s ‘A Song for Every CMO’ Returns With Tunes for Mastercard, Wendy’s and Others

By Kyle O'Brien 

CMO Songs

Spotify Advertising’s “A Song for Every CMO” has returned to pay tribute to all the hard working chief marketers for major brands. The campaign is back with its second iteration, using audio as a storytelling medium through personalized jingles tailor made for top CMOs.

This round of song drops honors four big brand chief marketers. There’s a country anthem for Mastercard’s Raja Rajamannar, a jangly pop jingle for Haleon’s Katie Williams, a spicy country tune for Wendy’s Carl Loredo and a dance track for Cadillac’s Melissa Grady.

As with the original, which was released a year ago, the songs are catchy, quite a bit silly and definitely a tribute to the hard work of its subjects.


The first release won the first-ever Gold Creative B2B Lion in June at Cannes Lions. Created in partnership with creative agency FCB New York, the campaign has received recognition for its creative use of audio with nominations or award wins from The Clio Awards, The ANDYs, D&AD and The One Show.

“We have a longstanding relationship with Spotify and—in fact—we recently celebrated the launch of our sonic logo and brand album at Spotify Beach in Cannes, so it was a pleasure to be a part of their Song for Every CMO campaign,” said Rajamannar in a statement. “The song they made for me captured my love of country music, but on a deeper level as a marketer, it underscored the creative opportunities digital audio can offer brands looking to do something fun and different to capture a consumer’s attention.”

Highlighting the unique marketing approaches these marketing leaders have embraced for their brands and the industry, the songs are produced to fit each CMO’s personal music taste, granting them their own personal soundtrack.

“We got such glowing—and tickled—responses from the CMOs we showcased in round one. There was no doubt that we’d do a second series of songs,” said Ann Piper, head of client partners, US verticals at Spotify in a statement.

“With this second release, we focused on top marketers across a wide cross-section of industries including financial services, fast food, healthcare and auto to help them hear just how creative and powerful audio can be when telling their story. Our hope is that this leads to more creativity in digital audio—and of course some laughs along the way,” Piper continued.

Creative Agency


  • Michael Aimette – Co-Chief Creative Officer
  • Gabriel Schmitt – Co-Chief Creative Officer
  • Danilo Boer – Global Creative Partner
  • Todd Sussman – Chief Strategy Officer
  • James Friedman – Strategy Director
  • Gary Resch – Executive Creative Director
  • Alexandre Abrantes – Creative Director
  • James Meiser – Associate Creative Director
  • Justin Batten – Senior Art Director
  • Ken Syme – Senior Copywriter
  • Adam Isidore – Director of Integrated Production
  • Chris Lenz – Executive Producer
  • Melissa Chester – Music Producer
  • Margot Meyerhoff – Senior Digital Producer
  • Tara Graff – SVP, Business Lead
  • Sean Kittredge – Account Supervisor
  • Breithner Monteiro – Editor and Animator

Music Production Company: Watt White Music

Watt White – Composer/Singer/Songwriter/Producer