Spike DDB and Nokia Making Film

By Matt Van Hoven 

Spike DDB announced recently that they’ll be working with Nokia to produce some sort of viral-esque film with the following in mind:

“By hiring Lee for the project, Nokia is seeking to combine the populist appeal of user-generated content with the power of a famous director’s pedigree. The film will have three acts, each three to five minutes long, with the theme loosely based on the concept of humanity.”


Sounds like it’s right up Lee’s alley, save for the fact that Nokia is sponsoring him. But I guess when the intent is creative collaboration, corporate sponsorship ceases to be a mitigating factor. More after the jump.

“I’m interested because it’s a great collaborative effort,” Lee said. “Within five years, new movies will be made with devices like these.”

He added: “I like working with people who have talent but aren’t in film school.”

The project is an experiment for Lee, but it is also a way for Nokia to promote its wares. Cellphone companies are all trying to position their products not just as devices for talking, but as multimedia devices that can play music, search the Web and capture video.”

A quick craigslist search revealed that Spike DDB is also hiring summer interns for an unnamed project. We’ll call it “No Wittew Wukkas.”

“Spike DDB, a NY ad agency is looking for two hungry creative talents for summer internship in Production and Account Management. PRODUCTION INTERN will be working toward degree or have experience in film broadcast production. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT INTERN will be working toward marketing/advertising related degree or have previous internship. Interns will have opportunity to help make great campaigns this summer in an open, friendly, creative environment. Reimbursed meal and local travel. Go to Spike DDB for more agency info. Send resume to NYADAGENCY at GMAIL dot COM.”