Spec Corona Ad Sparks Immigration Debate

By Kiran Aditham 

The fake ad spate never seems to cease as the Corona ad above (from a Virginia student apparently) caused not only nativist tongues to wag in a blog post on Citizen Orange, but prompted a response from Corona agency Cramer-Krasselt. Commenters like RickB said:

“Actually it’s almost a perfect error, it reveals the blatant use of racism/divide and rule to mask neoliberal exploitation of workers and consumers. That they are comfortable doing this means their appraisal of US consumers is they are stupid and bigoted (beer helps with both). I would not buy product from someone so insulting to their customers and so casually racist.”


The always tolerant Long Island community weighed in on the matter, touching on the dualistic nature of the ad:

“At first glance, you might think it was meant to attract nativist drinkers who don’t want more Mexicans coming into the U.S., and would gladly crack open a Corona–America’s top-selling import for years–to keep Latinos from crossing the border. But in the same vein, the ad says that if you buy a Corona, you’re helping out the Mexican economy. Many immigrant advocates would say that global economic equity is a good thing, and that voluntary migration is better than migration spurred by poverty.”

As passionate as the responses may be, the ad was rendered phony by C-K president Peter Krivkovich, who said in an email to Citizen Orange:


Thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this ad and the Citizen Orange discussion to our attention. Prompted by your note, we looked into the origin of this ad as it wasn’t created by the agency and it appears to be a spec piece done without client input or approval by an aspiring art director.

We’re not sure how it made its way onto the blog you forwarded, or others for that matter, but wanted to let you know. We’ll also make sure this is clarified on Citizen Orange and the other blogs that posted the ad.

Again, appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

Kind regards,
Peter Krivkovich
President / CEO

So as the LI Wins head asks, is the ad in poor taste or sweet satire? Can’t be any worse IMO than the DDB Brazil/WWF 9/11 debacle.

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