South Carolina was so Gay, but isn’t Any More

By Matt Van Hoven Comment


The slogan in the ad to the right is legit, people. It was approved by South Carolina’s top tourism agency, reports The State.

“The campaign, tied to gay pride week celebrations in London, included ads that proclaimed “South Carolina is so gay.” A handful of other U.S. destinations joined the campaign, including Atlanta, Boston and New Orleans.

Parks, Recreation and Tourism director Chad Prosser said an agency advertising manager signed off on the contract, proposed by the agency’s London advertising contractor.

After learning last week the state had agreed to spend tax money on the campaign &#151 and spurred by a post on The Palmetto Scoop blog &#151 the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism said Thursday it would not pay the tour operator”.

The cost to use this wonderful bit of copy? $4,942. More after the jump.

“Employees “exercised extremely poor judgment in approving participation in the program,” Prosser said. PRT, he said, will require more review of future overseas advertising, as it does with domestic advertising.

The campaign touts Amro Worldwide, a London-based company specializing in gay travel. The campaign was meant to reclaim the phrase “so gay,” which has been used as a slur, Amro CEO Andrew Roberts said in a press release June 27.”

Wait, that’s a slang? Thanks Andrew, for clearing that up. FYI, using slang in an ad is so dumb.

This was also reported on by Gawker and ADFREAK.