Sorrell’s On The War Path

By SuperSpy 

Marty is super busy right now. He’s giving birthday wishes to Ogilvy (see above); buying companies, dragging people to court and bullshitting the mayor of London. The man’s work is never done.

On buying TNS: TNS has recommended that shareholders accept WPP’s takeover bid. Sixty-one percent of TNS shareholders have given it the green light. Look to Wednesday, the 8th for finalization. Marty is not fucking around.

On the legal side: Martin is getting ready to drag ex-employee Marco Benatti to court for violating his employment contract. Benatti apparently didn’t disclose his financial interest in Media Club, a company he recommended that WPP purchase. It all really comes down to cash. Benatti wanted a higher pay out (by millions of dollars) then Marty wanted to give him. Oh yeah… and there are also allegations of fraud that Italian will have to face. Don’t mess with Marty kids. It’s not worth it.


On moving WPP to Ireland: At the recent International Business Advisory Council, hosted by Mayor of London Boris Johnson, Marty said:

“This is a wonderful opportunity to engage with the Mayor of one of the world’s most important cities. We are privileged to be able to share our thoughts and experiences to help him strengthen London which is something that that is very important to all of us on the Council.”

What he’s really saying is – “Thoughts schmoughts. We’re in a financial crisis and WPP’s gotta do, what we gotta do.” So long, WPP.

You gotta love ’em. He’s always moving and shaking…

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