Sorrell And Levy Finally Come To Blows

By SuperSpy 


No, not really, but at least they got into a full blown catfight at Davos. According to AdScam (nice work) and Reuters, the two went at it like pigs beneath a blanket, word for word over the impending Publics and Google exchange programs.

“Next time I meet with (Google CEO) Eric Schmidt I think we’ll send out a press release,” Sorrell told Reuters in an interview, which was also broadcast into the virtual world Second Life. “This morning I met with Maurice Levy, does this mean we’re putting out a joint venture?” He followed that barb up with: “I think Maurice is acknowledging a bit of an Achilles heel when it comes to technology.”

Oh, Martin. Ha, ha, ha, ha… (uncomfortable silence follows).


“I’m sorry Martin said that — it’s really cheap, but it’s probably the result of his lack of understanding of technology,” Levy said in a mobile video interview with Reuters.

“He’s a financier, I’m an engineer, and you can see the difference. I’m pleased with what we have done, and I’m sorry that my dear friend has not understood it.”

See when you get to that level, you’re not making comments on Agency Spy. You’re using the media to take cheap shots at each other. Maurice should just get in there and be like, “Martin has hair plugs, okay? You can’t take a guy like that seriously.” Maybe next year, they can even do a little HBO thing like Ricky Hatton and Floyd Mayweather. Hold a press conference and then slug it out like real champs.