Sorcher Films Gets Emotional for SpeakingPhoto

By Erik Oster 

To promote the new social sharing app SpeakingPhoto (available on Android and iOS), which sets “itself apart from youth-based social sharing apps by offering a way for consumers and businesses to document, keep and share important stories with their communities and customers,” Sorcher Films was tasked with telling stories with a real emotional payoff. Sorcher Films and writer/director Peter Sorcher responded with a series of branded content videos.

Sorcher worked directly with SpeakingPhoto to create an “interwoven, multi-character narrative to drive home an emotional connection to SpeakingPhoto.” He took a feature-film approach, creating back stories for all the characters, despite knowing that most of the footage would be cut from the final edit. This, coupled with quality editing (also from Sorcher), makes for the impression that the characters are more fleshed out than what we see onscreen, allowing for emotional moments that speak to the SpeakingPhoto’s uses.

“People see spots for apps with people engaged with screens and just tune out, so I wanted to create something that really makes the viewer take an active role to figure out who these characters are and what they are doing with SpeakingPhoto,” Sorcher said. Stick around after the jump for credits and another SpeakingPhoto spot.


Client: SpeakingPhoto®

Production and Post Production Company: Sorcher Films

Writer + Director: Peter Sorcher

Director of Photography: Rick Ewald

Editor: Peter Sorcher

Asst. Editor: Tyler Clinton

Music House:  Volume Music + Sound

Music Producer: David Della Santa

Composer: Marshall Watson