Sony Exec Happy With Deutsch’s Work for Playstation

By Matt Van Hoven 

While following up on a doubtful rumor that Playstation is thinking of ditching Deutsch, we began digging for details about the latest campaign “It Only Does Everything”, made by the LA office. According to SCEA head of marketing Peter Dille, “the campaign is working to drive hardware sales.”

You know the campaign we’re talking about. Fake Sony executive Kevin Butler (pictured) has a back and forth with some Playstation user &#151 ie Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer &#151 and ha ha it’s hilarious. The viewer is simultaneously entertained and informed.

Dille, the real Sony exec, claims the campaign is working, telling IGN UK, “the campaign is working to drive hardware sales. PlayStation 3 sales are up 184 percent in the three months following the price drop, and while a lot of that has to do with price itself, we know from research that consumers are more educated as well.”


At least he notes that reducing the unit’s cost affected sales. So the question becomes: how much of the sales growth is from the reduced price and how much is from increased awareness? It’s the ultimate advertising conundrum &#151 understanding how effective was the TV spot.

Whether Dille’s posturing or not, at this time we can’t fathom Playstation leaving Deutsch. Not no way, kids. They’re producing one of the better campaigns on TV today, and the company seems to think it’s working. But Deutsch, please stay away from thumb-dicks.

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