Sony, 180LA Release First ‘Shiphunt’ Web Film

By Kiran Aditham 

Two months after they first teased their deep-sea endeavor called “Project Shiphunt,” Sony, Intel and 180 LA have unveiled “Shipwreck Alley,” the first of two web films to be released this summer (the second arrives on July 13) that promotes the efforts of five Michigan students who are using Sony Vaio laptops to find a shipwreck within, yes, Lake Huron’s Shipwreck Alley. If only our school field trips were like this.

The young whippersnappers’ adventures are being captured by director Paul Bozymowski, who says in a statement, “Over the course of just a few weeks, I saw a profound transformation in the students who participated in this project. I think this is not only a testament to the environment that was created for the students, but also a testament to engaging with technology through immersive project based learning.” From the looks of it, we’d just feel claustrophobic and get seasick. Anyhow, you can follow the project here and totally distract yourself and try to earn a million bucks by playing the Google Earth-based “Oceans of Treasure” game that ties into the “Shiphunt” effort. Credits after the jump…

Agency: 180LA
Executive Creative Director:  William Gelner
Creative Director: Gavin Lester
Copywriter: Ben Barney
Art Director: Ryan “Pocket” Fluet
Head of Production/Managing Partner:  Peter Cline
Senior Producer: David Emery
Editor: Dave Groseclose
Account Director: Go Wakimoto
Account Manager: Mike Slatkin

Executive Producer: Jon Kamen
Executive Producer: Robert Friedman
Executive Producer: Justin Wilkes
Director: Paul Bozymowski
Producer: Samantha Storr
Post Producer: Nicole Pusateri
Story Producer: Kathryn O’Kane
Story Producer: Ari Palitz
Director of Photography: Scott Sans