Someone’s Stressed About Organic

By Matt Van Hoven 

Update: Based on the way we have linked below, it would appear that we are saying Ben Arno has been fired from Organic. I did not intend for the story to read that way and in editing it failed to notice the possibility for it to be interpreted as such. I have spoken with appropriate parties and they assure me he is still well employed at Organic. The intention of the link was to note Mr. Arno in fact replaced a someone who no longer works there.

Every now and then we get a sane tip about the state of an agency. This person seems to be worried about things inside Organic.


Organic may have a new CEO but the agency is still slowly self-collapsing. In the past six months they’ve lost Chrysler as a major client and laid off around 100 employees. Then, they fired their EVP of account on Bank of America. Given likely causing a quiet, “non-competitive” review. Not to mention that the NY office has [allegedly] experienced an exodus of a dozen talented employees jumping ship at every level &#151 from Group Acct Dir, Creative Dir, Directors, Managers and Sr Strategist.

Good points, all, to which I’d counter &#151 name an agency that hasn’t gone through all of this or more. Most shops, within the last year, have lost at least one major account and a number of valuable people, and not closed [exceptions: JWT Chicago, BBDO Detroit]. There’s a bizarro-renaissance of sorts going on right now and although this may appear to be a reason for major concern, it doesn’t mean things are going to collapse before you get that job-outside-advertising you’ve been looking for.

Take it as a sign that you don’t control your own destiny, and get back to doing what you can.

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