Someone Has an Issue with Firstborn’s Orbit Gum Vid

By Bob Marshall 

Massachusetts-based clothing designer and foodinista “Johnny Cupcakes” was a bit alarmed when he saw this ad from Firstborn Multimedia for Wrigley’s Orbit Gum. In a blog post on his website, Johnny Cupcakes says that while there’s “a thin, tricky line between intellectual property damage and parody,” he was unable to ignore over 100 people sending him a gum commercial that looked an awful lot like an ad for his own company, which was released back in May:


The tone of Johnny’s blog post seems more disappointed than pissed, saying Firstborn Multimedia “broke his heart” and offering that a new “cupcake-flavored” gum would more than resolve the situation and avoid legal action. He also calls on outraged customers to voice their opinions to Wrigley and Firstborn. From the shocking level of similarity across the two videos, it looks as though Mr. Cupcakes has every reason to be upset.

(h/t @colinmurphy)

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