Someone Blew a Fuse, Wants us Fired

By Matt Van Hoven 

Earlier today Kiran Aditham, intrepid tattoed blogger, posted a video I captured from the inter Webs via a Flip Mino. I was busy earlier, when I asked Kiran to write that nugget, but now I’m unencumbered and eager to tell you what’s happened since.

Click continued to find out!


“G2 ‘Das Pulse’ Clip Falls Flat” contains in it a clip from the G2 Web site (this is Grey’s interactive agency). A link was sent to us via a tipster,, which has since been blocked with a password thingy.

Since we only received a link (as opposed to a video file or something) and weren’t able to download the video via the site, we used the Flip to record it (journalism!). And then we shared with you the lolz that lay therein.

And now someone called GCouncil is upset. So upset, it seems, that they sent our YouTube account (FunyonJr) a message threatening to sue us and/or have us fired if we don’t remove the video within 24 hours. Apparently, they think we’ve never been sued (or threatened with a suit). Note: We’re assuming this account belongs to either G2 or someone at G2, because that’s the most logical conclusion we can come to based on the information presented. See below.

The message reads,

“Illegal posting of proprietary video: Please remove this. If it’s not removed within 24 hours our lawyers will begin to conduct an investigation regarding illegal and fraudulent posting of proprietary, intellectual property. Just letting you know before you get sued and/or fired.”

A couple of things off the top of my head: proprietary means that the materials are owned by an entity, which we don’t know because we don’t know who GCouncil is. Fraudulent? At this point it seems like GCouncil is throwing around big words because fraudulent means deceitful or mis-representative. All we did was post what we found, in basically the same form we found it (sorry for the poor quality, G2 and VW!). And I don’t think we need to discuss whether or not this was ‘intellectual’ property.

It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten one of these. To give you, the reader, some context &#151 the clip is probably going to come down, but only because YouTube tends to remove materials on a whim if someone complains, regardless of the situation. Since the clip isn’t that fun to begin with, watch it now before the YouTube guys get to it.

Fired? AgencySpy? Apparently, GCouncil isn’t familiar with how this works.