Someone at Taxi NY is Taking Crazy Pills

By Kiran Aditham 

In your WTF clip of the day, we’re not sure what we just watched but from the credits one spy sent us, it appears to be the work of a team at Taxi NY along with 1st Avenue Machine. It’s called “Cat Crack,” features 8-bit electro music and it’s about, you know, a cat freebasing crack. Your next viral video? Someone get the 4chan team on this. We don’t know what to say, just watch. Credits below:



sr. ad – Anne Bioty
sr. cw – Madeleine Digangi
producer – Cheri Anderson
ecd – Ron Smyrcek
agency – Taxi NY
director – Chester Tam
music – Asa Taccone
production company – 1st avenue machine