Solve and Cascadian Farm Help Save the Bees

By Patrick Coffee 

In an extended example of what we might call “cause marketing,” Minneapolis agency Solve and production company HēLō/director Kyle Ruddick document client Cascadian Farm’s efforts to quite literally save the bees with a bit of melodic help from one Jónsi.

The National Geographic-style footage in the “short film” is impressive, and the campaign earned an extensive New York Times writeup via Andrew Adam Newman over the weekend.

It’s true that the “enlist the public” aspect of this work amounts to pushing viewers to plant more wildflowers for bees to pollinate, but sometimes the simplest approaches are the most effective.

The Times piece also offers a nuanced consideration of what might seem like conflicts of interest facing an organic brand now owned by General Mills.


Client: Cascadian Farm

Agency: Solves, Minneapolis, MN

Senior Creative Director: Chelsea Klevasahl

Creative Director: Hans Hansen

Senior Writer: Janelle Erickson


Account Executive: Andrew Pautz

Production Company: HēLō

Director: Kyle Ruddick

Executive Producer: Justin Moore-Lewy

Managing Director: Brendan Kiernan

Producer: Tracey Karka

DP: Ian Rigby

Post Production: ONE DAY ON EARTH