Social Media Week Addresses Creative Crisis in Public Schools

By Michael Musco 

Among the goings on at the NY version of Social Media Week 2011 is a five-day challenge dubbed No Right Brain Left Behind, which calls upon creatives in the industry to concoct  some ideas that could help resolve the creativity crisis happening in U.S. schools today.

This inaugural project will hopefully inspire the creative community to come together every year during Social Media Week–which kicks off on Feb. 7–to apply their collective creativity to relevant, current causes such as this.


Aside from finger painting and spaghetti necklaces in grammar school, U.S. school curriculum focuses more on standardized test scores and less on creative exercises leaving the right side of the brain virtually untouched. We only use ten percent of our brains as it is so why cut half of it out?

This year’s challenge invites participants nationwide from across the entire creative spectrum including agencies, innovation/design companies and communication schools to sign up and submit ideas online with no limit on the scope of  concepts that can be submitted.

Viktor Venson, CD of Stopp LA and creator of the NRBLB initiative says in a statement, “This collaboration will demonstrate the ability of our leading creative minds to develop innovative and thoughtful solutions where conventional thinking falls short. It is not about creating more artists. It’s about giving teachers and students tools to efficiently and creatively approach today’s problems.” Why do feel like watching Dead Poets Society all of a sudden?