So, Should You Go to Costa Rica?

By Jordan Teicher 

“Anthem” the latest effort from Atlanta-based 22squared and the Costa Rica Tourism Board, may look like the rough cut of a Coldplay music video. The one-minute spot features shots of sherbet sunsets, beautiful landscapes, and even a frog jumping in slow-motion. The music is actually from M83 (from their Oblivion score), not Coldplay, but the point is that the commercial has the big sounds and simulated importance of something we’re used to seeing in music videos. That’s not a bad thing.

A few of Costa Rica’s recent tourism pitches have tried to capture this splashy substance. Patrick Pierson, who directed “Anthem,” also made the colorfully moody “Get Living.” And two years ago,  there was the Effie-winning Million Dollar Happiness campaign. In the travel ad arms race, Costa Rica is destroying those clumsy Ocean City commercials with the lifeguard who has frosted hair. Slow-motion frogs beat inserts of standard beaches every time. Credits after the jump.


Chief Creative Officer: Scott Sheinberg
Chief Creative Director: John Stapleton
Creative Director/Copywriter: Curt Mueller
Type Designer: Stephen Bridges
Director of Production: Connie Newberry
Production/Editorial Company: Drive Thru Productions

Director/Editor: Patrick Pierson

Executive Producer: Mark Setterholm

Producer: Doug Millington
Colorist: Sean Coleman
Color Producer: Company3