So Sad: Tucker Max Can’t Get His Facts into Advertising

By Matt Van Hoven 

Tucker Max wrote a book called “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”. Someone turned the tome into a movie, and it apparently sucks. Quality aside, the poor chum just wants to place some ads so people will go see it, but shucks it’s not going so well.

Washington City Paper reports the blogger has been shopping ads like the one above to ad networks, with little luck.


The problem: the banners say things like “Sexism isn’t the same as misogyny, you stupid bitch” &#151 and ad networks apparently don’t like that. Fuck them, says Max, a bunch of times:

“Fuck them. I definitely had some agency pull some holier-than-thou trip a few weeks ago and I went elsewhere. I’m not paying them money so they can tell me what my ads are supposed to be like. Fuck them, and anyone who thinks they can tell me what to say or not say.”

Actually Tucker, they’re not taking your money. You see, there’s a difference &#151 you didn’t actually have the opportunity to give them any. Slight nuance there.

Can’t imagine why an ad network would forego funds in lieu of maintaining preordained guidelines, but whatever. Frankly, advertising has consequences that blogging doesn’t. And just because you can be an asshole on your blog (heh) doesn’t mean you can use money to spread your poop around on other people’s Web sites. No one likes poop on their face, regardless of how funny it may be. Or may not be.

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