Snoop Dogg, Hot Pockets ‘Pocket Like It’s Hot’ for Three Whole Minutes

By Bob Marshall 

Well, it would seem that some junior creative at Threshold Interactive got quite a treat when Hot Pockets actually agreed to spend money on this. When I was working in an agency, it was common place to makes puns out of literally EVERYTHING. So, it would not be surprising if “Pocket Like It’s Hot” came out of a little in-agency joke people would say to each other whenever they had to drag their asses to another meeting about Hot Pockets.

Then, it would seem, someone actually asked Snoop Dogg if he would re-record his 2004 hit “Drop It Like It’s Hot” but make it about Hot Pockets. The resulting “really?”s left us with this three-minute long anthem that stoners everywhere will happily sing to themselves as they stick bread-encased meat and cheese blobs into their filthy microwaves, giggling to themselves as they watch their Hot Pockets spin slowly clockwise for 2-3 minutes. Replacing Pharrell in this video are YouTube celeb DeStorm Power, MTV comedy man-child Andy Milonakis, and WWE’s Brodus Clay, all looking incredibly satisfied with themselves as they dance in slow-motion with an incredibly blazed looking Herbie Hot Pocket.

In some ways, it’s kind of nice that Hot Pockets are acknowledging their status as a favorite of potheads everywhere. After all, suburban moms probably don’t feed their young kids as many Hot Pockets as previous campaigns have suggested, whereas poor high-school and college students can and do pick them up by the bunches at their local convenience store. For more stoned giggle, visit Hot Pockets’ Facebook page, which also doubles as the home of a not-so-subtle web series called “Baked Not Fried.” Credits after the jump.

Threshold Interactive
CCO: John Montgomery
Writer: James Littlejohn
Producer: Jessica Mingo
Art Director: Michael Grgas