SNL Holds Content Hostage, Brands Are Only Hope for Rescue

By Matt Van Hoven 

Anheuser-Busch, the makers of the new Bud Light Golden Wheat, have paid NBC to be the exclusive sponsor of SNL. The buy, which appears to be an extended hybrid of the MacGruber/Pepsi skits that aired during the SuperBowl, will include a mix of entertainment options, the likes of which the world has never seen (first time ever!).

Until now. For one night only (that we know of), SNL will air never-before-seen clips from the show, including previous seasons. Also, Bud Light Golden Wheat is totally sponsoring these hostage clips, begging the question: how much SNL are we not seeing? Did they really keep that “Gilly, Gilly” scene in exchange for something even awesomer &#151 “Really?” (to quote Weekend Update).

If NBC got $3 million for a measly skit, what did InBev get for:

&#151 each of the show’s commercials*

&#151 cutaways to actual bars where people are sampling BLGW and watching the show (be at: Rockit Bar and Grill on West Hubbard Street tomorrow night!)

&#151 Hostage skits: “Backstage with Bud Light Golden Wheat”

(note: the “undisclosed financial terms” must be revealed:|)

Calm down. Here’s how we introduced you to the Pepsi sponsorship: “NBC, Pepsi Jerk One Another Off, Hit Will Forte in Crossfire”. So, since this one includes the entire cast, network and audience what do we call it? There’s gotta be a porn phrase for stuff like this &#151 “The Clown’s Ball” sounds fitting, but I’m sure you can come up with better.

I wonder how much an entire movie would cost.

*two of the ads, which are from STL’s Cannonball and MPLS’s inthegroovemusic, include a storyline about a how Bud Light (a dude) and Golden Wheat (a lady) came together to birth BLGW.

Via The New York Times

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