Snickers Plays What-If in Two New Commercials

By Jordan Teicher 

To promote Snickers Bites, BBDO New York went retro. Bites give hungry customers a bag full of tiny pieces of Snickers bars, a pretty big switch for the consistent candymaker. But what if Snickers had thought of the idea decades ago?

There are two spots, “Intercom” and “Leisure Suit,” that attempt to answer the question, showing goofy scenarios dated to the 70s about follies that prevented Snickers employees from making Bites many years ago. “Intercom” is clearly the better of the two, as a forgetful man with some vague decision-making responsibilities at the company tries to tell his secretary to remind him to create Bites. Unfortunately, there’s static, which the secretary blames on the Soviet Union. “Leisure Suit” is little more than 30 seconds of lazy guys in afros pretending to be stoned. There’s no reason for the laziness, and the jokes are dumb. However, the premise does lend itself to future self-contained episodes, so BBDO can always take a mulligan and create some better spots in the future. “Leisure Suit” and credits after the jump.


Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide:                    David Lubars

Chief Creative Officer, New York:                     Greg Hahn

Executive Creative Director:                              Gianfranco Arena

Executive Creative Director:                              Peter Kain

Copywriter:                                                        Matt Herr

Art Director:                                                      Justin Bilicki


Director of Integrated Production:                    Dave Rolfe

Group Executive Producer:                                Amy Wertheimer

Executive Producer:                                          Alex Gianni


Executive Music Producer:                                Melissa Chester


Senior Account Director:                                   Kathryn Brown

Account Director:                                              Joshua Steinman

Account Manager:                                             Matt Theisen

Account Executive:                                            Aparna Joshi


Production Company:                                        O Postive

Director:                                                            Jim Jenkins

Executive Producer:                                          Ralph Laucella

Producer:                                                          Marc Grill

Project Manager:                                               Jason Reda

Director of Photography:                                   Robert Gantz

Art Director:                                                      Jason Edmonds                       


Recording Studio:                                              Sound Lounge

Engineer:                                                           Glen Landrum


Editorial Company:                                            Mackenzie Cutler


Editor:                                                               Ian MacKenzie

Producer:                                                          Evan Meeker

Assistant Editor:                                                Pamela Petruski

Sound Design:                                                   Sam Shaffer


Visual Effects House:                                        Schmigital