Smirnoff Ice Encourages Ladies to Start ‘Straight Primpin’

By Bob Marshall 

Here’s a 3-minute long music video for Smirnoff Ice from director Jon Jon Augustavo. From what we can tell, it encourages young women to pre-game their nights out with a substance commonly instilled on others as punishment.

Sure, the “Bros Icing Bros” phenomenon of 2010 may have jumped the shark when Coolio got “Iced” in someone’s back yard. But for anyone between the ages of 21 and 30 who either likes playing stupid jokes or regularly finds themselves as a spectator of others’ stupid jokes, Smirnoff Ice is known as something bros make their bros chug. In fact, in 2010, Smirnoff Ice even admitted that the stupid meme helped kickstart sluggish sales of the milky white beverage. The next step? Get the ladies involved with the aid of canine Tumblr superstar Tommy Pom.


Could young women nationwide start sizzurpin’ the SmirnIce as part of their “Straight Primpin'” ritual? If you encourage widespread use of celebrity Pomeranians to get the pre-party started, anything’s possible. Download “Straight Primpin'” here and view credits after the jump.

Agency: 360i
ECD: Michael Nuzzo
CD / Copywriter: Isabella Hiew
Art Director: Tim Hancock
Senior Producer: Victoria Estevez
Associate Producer: Jamie Florence
Account Manager: Heather Krauseneck

Production Company: Hello!
Director: Jon Jon Augustavo
Executive Producer: Jamie Miller
Producer/HOP: Alexandra Chamberlain
Producer: John Malina
Producer: Breigh Kenley
DP: Chris Saul

Music Production: MAS