SMFB Hopes to ‘Keep Summer Going’ With Everyday Solutions for Statoil

By Kiran Aditham 

statoil10It’s been nearly a year since we last heard from SMFB, but the Oslo-based agency has returned with a timely summer campaign for Norwegian multinational oil/gas company, Statoil. In an effort to “Keep Summer Going,” SMFB has teamed up with Dutch content creation shop Made.For.Digital to produce several 45-second videos based on the improvisational techniques known as “life hacks.”

Perhaps you’re familiar…


In the series of 10 clips–which were shot in the always-pleasant Ibiza–we’re shown a variety of simple tips and techniques to make your summertime revelry that much more pleasant.

Whether it’s turning dental floss into a makeshift knife to cut cake at a picnic (above) or opening a bottle with a few folded sheets of paper (below), the life hacks presented by the rather adept couple in the videos are clever, efficient and–most importantly–helpful!

Regarding the digitally-driven campaign, SMFB creatives Pia Ølstad and Sveinung Arnestad write:

“The 2015 Statoil summer campaign is about getting the most out of summer time, or as we say: Keep Summer Going. For Statoil’s Facebook page we wanted to make something that could actually help our customers. Good, informative content told in a fun and unpretentious tone.

We came up with a package of life hacks designed for the life on the road. Small tips and tricks that can make any road trip a little more comfortable. With a mix of photos and video we show a couple on a summer road trip. Faced with small challenges they come up with imaginative solutions, using things they already have in their car or can find at a Statoil station.

Hopefully, the summer of 2015 can be the summer of life hacks.”

You can click here to view several more of the clips from the SMFB Statoil campaign, which launched across Europe in eight markets including Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Poland.