Sleek Machine Unleashes Barrage of Quirky Spots for Lawn Doctor

By Erik Oster 

Boston-based agency Sleek Machine launched a campaign for Lawn Doctor featuring dozens of quirky online spots for the brand.

The dozens of spots include several different approaches. In “Embarrassed Playing Catch” for example, two people attempt to enjoying throwing a baseball around with bags on their heads, because they’re embarrassed by the shoddy state of their lawn. The spot, and others like it, ends with the line “Don’t Be Embarrassed By Your Lawn.” Other ads celebrate the positives of having a luxurious green lawn, such as the joys of wiffleball or snuggling with a puppy in the grass while other ads promote other reasons you might want to have such a lawn, such as a visit from your father-in-law. Yet another approach sees the brand addressing the outdoor things you miss when your yard is disorderly with a series of ballads to items such as grills and deck chairs. Basically Sleek Machine throws out a bunch of different iterations of different ideas, hoping something hits mark with consumers. All the ads are quick and to the point, not wasting time on an elaborate setup or lengthy brand philosophy. The campaign includes over 50 ads and will continue to run through mid-summer.

“This is retail advertising, first and foremost,” Sleek Machine chief creative officer Tim Cawley told Adweek. “It seemed most important to motivate an immediate reaction, as opposed to creating some lofty strategy.”



Client: Lawn Doctor/Yard Armour
Agency: Sleek Machine/Boston
CCO/Writer: Tim Cawley
Senior Writer: Jeff Marois
Art Director/Additional Edit: Alan Duda
Senior Integrated Producer: Ben Ouellette
Editor: Dave Shaw
Director/DP: Sunny Zhao
Production Company: Dreams Factory
Talent/Composer (Yard Armour): Eric Schwartz
Music: Andy Pinkham/Mortal Music
Cinematography, Edit and Color Correct (Yard Armour): Nick Agri
Retouching (Yard Armour):  Ivan Sokol @ ArtStation
Media: Adam Cahill, Anagram (programmatic media)