Slate Contributor Tells Us Why Digital Advertising Sucks

By Kiran Aditham 

Monday Note editor, media consultant and contributor Frederic Filloux takes the gloves off in a recent op-ed that was republished in the Washington Post over the long weekend.

His main message is that digital advertising both on mobile and web is so lousy because “the industry is too smug to innovate.” Filloux’s tome is an interesting, if not self-satisfying piece but his two main bones of contention with the discipline are poor design, which he blames on lack of digital talent among other things, and that digital ads are “badly sold, badly bought,” noting that “added value of media buying outlets has shrunk to a bare minimum.”

Creatives and media folks might want to take a few minutes to read Filloux’s original item on Monday Note, which includes examples and specifics. Whether you agree or not is a different story.


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