Skittles, Starbucks and Coke Rule Facebook Fan Pages

By Matt Van Hoven 

During a keynote at Advertising Week this morning, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg presented “Facebook: Knowing Is Better,” and said things like, “If you’re not on Facebook now, you’re not part of the conversation.” Which isn’t true, but I guess in some sense you should be paying attention to what’s happening there.

But that doesn’t mean you have to be on it or that your brand should have a fan page. No one cares about you, Rubbermaid. Kidding! Anyway, Sandberg definitely backhanded the New York Times for an article claiming people were leaving Facebook in droves. Why? Three days later Facebook hit the 300 million user mark. Did I mention this presentation was given in the Times Center (which is in the New York Times building)? It was.


Of the remarks mentioned by PRNewser’s Joe Ciarallo in this write-up, our favorite was that Skittles, Coke and Starbucks have the largest fan following on the site. They are three of the top 15 fan pages, and the only three that are brands. “[T]hey (Starbucks) communicate with their users and customers the core attributes of their brand,” said Sandberg.

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