Siltanen & Partners, Coldwell Banker Celebrate Halloween Early

By Erik Oster 

Halloween is well over a month away, but Siltanen & Partners have already crafted the year’s first spot celebrating the holiday (we think) for Coldwell Banker with the 30-second “Halloween.” It’s also the first Halloween spot for the brand.

“Halloween” is part of the agency’s larger “This is Home” campaign for the brand, employing a familiar nostalgic and sentiment approach. In the spot, a mother narrates her fond memories of Halloween as a kid before explaining how she keeps the tradition going with her own family. “When I see the happiness in their eyes and the joy on their faces, that’s the best treat you can ask for,” she concludes. That line is pretty illustrative of the perils of the approach, which for many viewers crosses the line from sentimental to mawkish. The other problem with “Halloween” is its timing, as we’re likely not the only ones who think it’s a bit early for a Halloween spot. The ad will make its broadcast debut on September 13, running on networks including NBC, A&E, Discovery Channel, Nick at Nite and TLC through the end of October. 

“With more than 41 million trick-or-treaters each year, there is no question that Halloween defines home,” said Sean Blankenship, chief marketing officer for Coldwell Banker. “Many of our favorite childhood memories revolve around costumes, decorations and ringing doorbells for candy. The newest Coldwell Banker Real Estate commercial captures these moments in a way that millions of Americans can relate to through the lens of one family’s traditions.”